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  • Constantly striving to expand pupils' horizons
  • Teaching pupils to take pride in themselves

Welcome to The Gatwick School

The Gatwick School is a new all-through (4-16 years) school near Gatwick and opened in September 2014 with Reception and Year 7 students.

The Gatwick School has been established to meet the local demand for school places for children and young people in high-performing primary and secondary schools. The school is operated by the Crawley Free School Trust which is led by two educational organisations with a strong track record in creating high-performing schools – Mosaica Education and Place Group.

There is still time to apply for a Reception and Year 7 place for September 2014

Our admissions process is in addition to your existing choice of schools on the Common Application Form (CAF) so you can apply for a place directly to us. This gives parents more choice as they may be offered two school places for their child.

Be part of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of creating a school for your children. Simply complete the online application form and you can be involved in the 'School We'd Like' project.


Current Vacancies

All vacancies at The Gatwick School will be advertised on the Vacancies page of the school website.


Executive Head's Blog

Welcome to our first students!

We would like to welcome our first Year 7 students who arrive on Monday 8th September and our Reception students
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