Celebrating The Gatwick School

Below are quotations received from parents, relatives, friends and pupils of The Gatwick School as we celebrate our 2 years:


“I love The Gatwick School they are my second family” – Milly (student)

“Best school ever!” – (student)

“In all of Crawley the best school and teachers I have ever seen” – Sajid Munir

“Lovely school. So glad my son Harry attends this school” – Rebecca Smy (parent)

“I’m looking forward to coming to the school when I am old enough, as long I don’t have to sing in the play!” Dylan – aged 9

“I like this school because I can play with my friends” – Eesa (student)

“The school nver fails to surprise me, they go above and beyond for thier students” Chloe Reynolds (parent)

“Fabulous Year! Best school ever. Encouraging all to bring their children!” – Amelia (student)

“What a great year! best decision of school ever made” – Calvin (student)

“Brilliant school. Fantastic first year” – Kevin Isaac (parent)

“This year has been wonderful support to my son’s confidence and well-being thanks to the efforts of The Gatwick School” – Niomi (parent)

” I love this school” – Tyler (student)

“Y.O.S.O – You only school once” – Shannon & Courtney (students)

“Can’t thank this school enough for everything they do. The staff and students are amazing! Such an inspiration” – Nuala Broom (parent)

“A truly collaborative school with excellent care and support for its students. We are so pleased we took the leap of faith” Matt Clark (parent)