Values and Ethos

The Gatwick School’s Vision and Strategic Goals

The mission of The Gatwick School (TGS) is to provide pupils with the highest quality education so that they develop a global awareness and love of learning that prepares them for places at the best universities and the workplace of the 21st century.

Inspiring pupils to love learning through

  • Exemplary world class education
  • Highly-qualified and well trained teachers
  • Individualised teaching
  • Hands-on, interactive learning
  • Use of the latest and most appropriate technology
  • Parent and community engagement
  • Safe, secure learning environments
  • Celebration of local culture and communities

TGS will ensure that the individual child is at the centre of everything we do. The curriculum, teacher preparation, and classroom design is planned with the specific social, emotional, and intellectual needs of the children in mind. Each curriculum programme is age and developmentally appropriate and designed to inspire pupils, families and teachers alike. There will be a high degree of accountability for academic and financial results.


TGS will provide:

Best possible teaching and learning – TGS will look at how things could be done differently and better. We will concentrate on improving standards and use of technology throughout the school at a rapid pace, and improve the quality of teaching and learning through the introduction of a comprehensive staff training programme.

More opportunities – to make sure every pupil achieves the very best that they can; TGS’s focus will be on working with senior leaders and teachers to raise achievement through quality teaching, curriculum innovation, online assessment programmes, increased attendance and individualised pathways for personal growth and development.

More choice – TGS’ partnership with other Academies in Aurora Academies Trust as well as with Mosaica Education schools internationally, means that they will be able to share resources and experiences. TGS will be working with partners both locally and internationally, meaning that pupils will enjoy a wider range of learning and leisure experiences at school.


Furthermore TGS will:

Raise aspirations – through the introduction of a new philosophy and ethos, based on Mosaica Education’s proven philosophy used internationally, to bring educational improvements to schools, pupils and communities worldwide. All pupils will have individualised paths for personal growth and development, with a focus on pupil self-awareness and self-esteem.

Increase Parent engagement and involvement – regular community events will be held where parents and other members of the local community are invited to see what the children have been learning, chat with staff and become more engaged in their child’s education.



There are 3 Strategic Goals

  1. Academic success
  2. TGS as Best Teachers’ school of choice
  3. Sustainability


Strategic Statements for each Goal

  1. Academic Success – To ensure that TGS become the best-performing school in the South East
  1. Teachers’ School of Choice – To ensure that TGS is seen as the number one school in which to be employed by the best teachers
  1. Sustainability – To ensure that we constantly achieve best value and to grow leaders from within