Vision & Ethos

Our vision for The Gatwick School is for a school which opens portals of opportunity for pupils, staff, families and communities and is designed to prepare pupils for success, whether they choose to access some of the finest colleges and universities in the world or go directly into employment.

The Gatwick School is a place in which pupils are taught to take pride in themselves, their families, their environment, their schools, their communities, and their history and culture.

The ethos and vision of The Gatwick School is that all our pupils, from all their different, varied and diverse backgrounds, can succeed, grow and flourish in their education at our school. Through its academic curriculum, physical and sporting provision and extra-curricular activities, the school will make real educational and personal achievement possible for all sections of the community: extending and pushing the gifted and talented and supporting and nurturing those with additional needs.

By providing a global learning experience with an emphasis on global education, business and enterprise, science and technology, we raise aspirations and broaden horizons. We increase tolerance and sensitivity to the diversity of the population in Crawley, the South East and the UK as a whole. We foster a love of learning coupled with skills to enhance the likelihood of each child’s economic success. In short we provide an education that produces well-rounded, open-minded adults with a zest for learning and life.