School Day

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Each student has a core School Day. A range of after-school activities and primary childcare are available to create a longer day which will help busy parents. These activities span sport, culture & arts and hobbies such as dance, cinema, drama and gaming.
Some activities are free while others are available at a modest charge. *Breakfast Club and after-school Primary Childcare are chargeable at £3 per session.
Primary Phase
7:45am Breakfast Club*
8:30am Playground open for arrival
8:45am Registration  
3:00pm End of School Day
3:00pm Clubs & Activities and Childcare starts
4:00pm Clubs & Activities finish
6:00pm Primary childcare closes*
Secondary Phase
7:45am Breakfast Club*
8:15 Playground open for arrival
8:30am Registration
4:30pm End of School Day
4:30pm Clubs & Activities start
5:30pm Clubs & Activities finish